A Picnic Party Essay In English

A Picnic

            Picnics, tours, trips and excursions are part and parcel or our life. They provide us complete opportunities to study the book of Nature as Shakespeare says. “We find sermons in stones, tongues, in trees and books in running brooks”. Picnics, tours and tours are as important as food and drink.

             One Sunday morning, the weather was very fine. The sky was cloudy and cool and gentle breeze was blowing. My friend and I decode to visit the river Beas which flows at a distance of six kilometers from our town. We were a party of eight friends. We took with us our swimming suits and towels. We also carried a good quality of eatables including fruits. We left home on bicycles at 6 a.m.

              The river scenery was also very charming. Water in the river flowed on silently and majestically. Fish swam in the water. There were flocks of water birds sitting on the banks. We parked out bicycles. Then we changed our swimming suits. Then we had a dip in the river. Then we played some games on the soft sand of the river bank. Thereafter, we sat down in a circle to take rest. One of us was a good singer; he entertained us with many songs. We all were in a gay mood. So we chatted and laughed. We cracked jokes with one another. We heated the food that we carried with us on the stove. We had a hearty meal.

               In the meantime it grew very hot. So we took rest under the shade of a tree. Then we began to play at cards. After some time tea was ready, we took tea and eatables; by then it was 5:30 p.m. we took our bicycles and started back for home. We reached home at 6:00 p.m. it was a happy day in the pleasant company of friends.

Essay No. 2


A Picnic


An Outing with the Family


How I Spent A Holiday

It is always good to go out of doors. Free air and open sky are always welcome. Quite often one feels choked inside the houses and cities. It is good to run away into the open air for a day when one has the time. Picnics were very common for families in  older days. But now even picnics  are becoming rare and uncommon. Families just do not have time, money and mood to go away from their boring familiar surroundings. That indeed is one of the greatest ill of modern times.

A picnic is a delightful diversion. It takes you away from your dull daily routine, it produces a soothing effect and adds charm to life. sometimes it is possible to plan  and go out. When it is possible, one avail of the opportunity.   

We had one such opportunity last Sunday. Early in the morning we got ready to spend a day at the Okha Canal Bank. My mummy prepared food and my sisters helped in making other preparations. We took a thermos filled with tea and took along a couple of carpets for spreading under the trees to make ourselves feel comfortable.

It was not easy to catch a bus from Connaught Place for Okhla Barrage. We made some enquiries but there was no bus available. We were told to get a bus for Lajpat Nagar and then get a bus for Okhla from there. So we boarded a bus for Lajpat Nagar. But at Lajpat Nagar we had to wait for an hour to get a bus for Okhla. But Okhla was worth all the trouble we had to take to go there.

It was a beautiful scene and weather was cooler than in the city. There were green trees and they provided nice shade to the picnickers. Some fishermen were busy catching fish. There were lot of children playing with each other under the shady trees. There we took our lunch and lunch seemed specially tasty at Okhla. We felt that our lunch was not enough because everyone ate more than usual.     

After lunch we all had a nap under the balmy shade for the trees. The children of one family played with children of other picnickers. Some old women read their holy books. In the afternoon there was a drizzle and even a few drops of rain were very much welcome at that season of the year. But the rain broke the magic web of our sleep. Our sweet  dream came to an end.

Now it was getting evening. We took the evening tea which we had brought with us along with some snacks specially made for the trip. When it was getting dark, we boarded a bus and returned home.


Essay No. 03


An Excursion to a Lake


A Picnic

Picnicking is a very good source of recreation as well as instruction. I try my best to have at least one picnic party in a month.

Last Sunday I along-with a number of my friends, went out for a picnic. I had persuaded them two days earlier and all the necessary arrangements had been made a day earlier.

On the fixed day, two of my friends, Sushil and Anil left very early in the morning for the canal. They took with them a number of mats, a stove, a kerosene can, some wheat flour, a pastry board, a pastry roller, a big can of purified water and a number of necessary articles which had been jointly listed by all the friends. They left for the venue on a tempo. The renowned cook, Mr. Devi Dayal, who had been engaged by us also, reached the place at the time he was asked to do. He had already cut up the vegetables and prepared the fire before we reached there.

There were a dozen friends in all. We, the remaining friends reached the place on our bikes.

On reaching the lake, we decided to boat for a while. We had already engaged a boat’s man and his boat. We had a very hilarious


Then we decided to sing and dance on the mats to the tune of deck which Anil and Sushil had taken with them.

Meanwhile, Devi Dayal, had prepared hot puns with a fresh mixed vegetable dish. Thereafter we took sweet pudding.

Then we had a session of tidbits and quizzes and other cultural items. We enjoyed ourselves a lot for a few hours and then returned home. We were full of enthusiasm, joy and happiness that the moments of interaction and cooperative spirit had lent us.

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Most important Rivers of the World MCQs and General Knowledge for NTS, PPSC, PMS, CSS Exams for Job

Here are some important MCQs about “Rivers of the World” to prepare General Knowledge Test for NTS, PPSC, PMS, CSS for Job. In this post, you will get the knowledge about different seas. These all questions are solved and the correct answer is bold.

1. The Blue Nile originates from Lake Tana of Ethiopia, white Nile originates from Lake Victoria. Blue and White Nile meet at __________and make the longest river of the world

(a) Cairo
(b) Khartoum
(c) Wad Medani
(d) Atbara

2. The river Volga pours its water into the __________

(a) Black Sea
(b) the Caspian Sea
(c) Baltic Sea
(d) the Arabian Sea

3. A broad channel where the waters of a river and a sea mingle is called:

(a) An estuary
(b) Comets
(c) A strait
(d) A Delta

4. Which is the longest river in the world?

(a) Nile
(b) Amazon
(c) Volga
(d) Mississippi

5. The rivers Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, and Sutlej are tributaries of which river?

(a) Ganga f
(b) Indus
(c) Yamuna
(d) Brahmaputra

6. Which of the following rivers do not flow in Africa

(a) Nile
(b) Congo
(c) Zamberi
(d) Tigris

7. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of landscape features from source to mouth of rivers?

(a) Waterfalls,alluvival fan, floodplain
(b) Waterfalls, floodplain, alluvival fan
(c) alluvival fan, floodplain, waterfalls
(d) none of the above.

8. The river Jhelum has its source from:

(a) Mount Kailash
(b) Rohtang
(c) Verinag
(d) Tibet

9. World’s largest river in terms of the volume of its flow is______

(a) Nile
(b) Mississippi
(c) Amazon
(d) Tiber

10. Which set of two rivers form the world’s largest delta before their waters flow into the respective sea?

(a) Rhine-Seine (b) Nile-Euphrates
(c) Ganges-Brahmaputra
(d) Danube-Thames

11. Which of the following rivers crosses the Equator twice? (PMS 2006)

(a) Amazon
(b) Congo
(C) Nile
(d) Tigris

12. Which of the following rivers flowing through Pakistan has the source of origin in that country itself?

(a) Chenab
(b) Jhelum
(C) Ravi
(d) None of the above

13. Which river is called the father of waters?

(a) Indus
(b) Amazon
(c) Congo
(d) Hudson

14. On the bank of which river is New York situated?

(a) River Colorado
(b) River Hudson
(c) River Mississippi
(d) River Amazon

15. Nile is the name of a _____________

(a) River
(b) Country
(c) Lake
(d) None of these

16.River Skeena flows through_______

(a) Asia
(b) Australia
(c) North America
(d) South America

17. Rome is the capital of Italy is located beside the river_______

(a) Danube
(b) Rhine
(c) Tiber
d) Po

18. River Darling flows through________

(a) Africa
(b) Australia
(c) South America
(d) Asia

19. Red River is present in_____

(a) USA
(b) Canada
(c) UK
(d) Mexico

20. Which is the second longest river in Europe continent?

(a) Danube
(b) the Volga
(c) Seine
(d) Thames

21. Which is the second longest river of America?

(a) Missouri
(b) Mississippi
(c) Red
(d) Colorado

22. Don is a river of _______________

(a) Turkey
(b) Russia
(c) UK
(d) USA

23. Budapest is the capital of Hungary situated on the bank of

(a) River Spree
(b) River Volga
(c) River Danube
(d) River ob

24. Paris is the capital of France situated on the bank of

(a) Seine
(b) Po
(c) Thane
(d) Spree

25. Agra is a Very famous city of India due to Taj Mahal, it is situated on the bank of the river

(a) Brabmputra
(b) Ganges
(c) Jumna
(d) None of these

26. Oxus River is flowing between________

(a) Afghanistan and Russia
(b) Russia and Iran
(c) Russia and China
(d) Afghanistan and Tajikistan

27. Which of the following rivers is called Father of Rivers

(a) Indus
(b) Nile
(c) Amazon
(d) Cango

28. What is the source of Yellow River?

(a) Mt. of China Kunlan
(b) Mt. Everest
(c) Victoria Lake
(d) None of these

29. What is the total length of Amazon River?

(a) 6400km
(b) 6448km
(c) 6349km
(d) 6218km

30. Yangtze Kiang River is located in

(a) China
(b) Thailand
(c) Nepal
(d) Bhutan

31. What is the source of Volga River?

(a) Altai Mountain
(b) Valdai Plateau
(c) Himalayas range
(d) None of these

32. The outflow of Indus River is

(a) Black Sea
(b) Indus Sea
(c) Arabian Sea
(d) None of these

33. Which is the largest river of Asia? (PMS 2005)

(a) Yangtze Kiang
(b) Indus
(c) Hawang Ho
(d) Ob

34. Which is the largest river of Africa?

(a) Lena
(b) Niger
(c) Congo
(d) Nile river

35. Which is the longest river of North America?

(a) Mississippi
(b) Amazon
(c) Niger
(d) Lena

36. Which is the longest river of Europe?

(a) Volga
(b) Danube
(c) Amur
(d) None of these

37. Which is the longest river of South America?

(a) Missouri
(b) Peru
(c) Congo
(d) Amazon

38. Which of the following rivers is also called yellow river?

(a) Hwang Ho River
(b) Nile River
(c) Amazon River
(d) None of these

39. Colorado is a river which flows in

(a) USA
(b) UK
(C) Peru
(d) Brazil

40. Congo River is located in

(a) Asia
(b) Africa
(c) Europe
(d) America

41. Missouri is a river located in______

(a) China
(b) Japan
(c) USA
(d) UK

42. Parana river is located in_______

(a) Paraguay
(b) France
(c) India
(d) None of these

43. Seine river is located in

(a) France
(b) Spain
(c) Germany
(d) None of these

44. Thames is a famous river of_______

(a) UK
(b) USA
(c) Russia
(d) Japan

45. Ganga is a famous river of______

(a) Japan
(b) China
(c) Russia
(d) India

46. Mackenzie is a name of River located in_____

(a) Britain
(b) Brazil
(c) Canada
(d) China

47. Murray is the name of river of _________

(a) Australia
(b) Canada
(c) South Africa
(d) China

48. Orange is the name of river of__________

(a) Congo
(b) Egypt
(c) Syria
(d) South Africa

49. Which of the following rivers belongs to Russia?

(a) Ob
(b) Lona
(c) Amur
(d) All of above

50 Latani River is located in ____________ (PMS 2006)

(a) Syria
(b) Lebanon
(c) Turkey
(d) Iran

51. Which Is the shortest river in the world?

(a) Mekong
(b) Lena
(c) Congo
(d) Roe River

52. Which is the shortest river in the world With a total length of 98 km?

(a) Amur (Siberia)
(b) Reo (Montana)
(c) Danube (Slovakia)
(d) Congo (Zaire)

53. River Nile originates from________

(a) Lake Nyasa
(b) Cherangany mountains
(c) Lake Victoria
(d)Springs in Kenya,

54. Which river originates from Tibet near Mansorawar lake?

(a) Sutluj
(b) Indus
(c) Ravi
(d) Jhelum

55. Which is the only river that flows both north and south of the equator?

(a) Amazon
(b) Congo
(c) Colorado
(d) Tigris

56. In which country the largest river by volume rises?

(a) Panama
(b) North America
(c) Equator
(d) Peru

57. On which lake, Lake Victoria Is located?

(a) Zambazi
(b) Amazon
(c) Congo
(d) Hudson

58. Indus river pours int0

(a) Aral Sea
(b) Mediterranean Sea
(c) Arabian Sea
(d) Baltic Sea

59. Which river is mentioned most in the bible?

(a) Tigris
(b) Euraphetes
(c) Jordan
(d) Nile

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