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Maggie Alexander, Head of School and Learning Center Director for our Wellington location, discovered the power of individualized education while tutoring undergraduate students at George Washington University. Maggie conveys her goals for education this way: “In order to be successful in college or any profession, it’s essential that a student learn to articulate thoughts in writing and in speech."

Maggie spent several years as Academic Director and College Counselor at an area tutoring service, where she also tutored students in the humanities, social sciences, and writing. She has worked in admissions and financial aid at a liberal arts college in and served as Wellesley College’s assistant squash coach. 

on holistic student assessment – what type of individualized academic program will work best for student and family? With her ability to recognize each student’s personal learning style and distinct academic aspirations, Maggie takes pride in providing an environment conducive to reaching academic goals. For college-bound students, she’s intent on helping to find best-match schools. The most rewarding aspect of her job is having students share with her their success stories.

As a former Division I athlete and team captain, Maggie takes a particular interest in serving student-athletes. She has extensive experience advising students who are trying to balance academics, athletics, and other activities. In addition to developing customized educational solutions for student-athletes, Maggie also has experience providing academic support for students with learning challenges.

Maggie is well prepared to serve the annual influx of students who arrive during the Winter Equestrian Festival. A life-long equestrian, she understands from personal experience how to integrate high-level competition in the ring with of academic goals.

Maggie holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in sociology, both from George Washington University, as well as a certificate in college counseling from UCLA.

Come to our Wellington center and be greeted at the door by one of Maggie’s four “wellness officers” (they’re canines!). She supports and advocates dog rescue and animal humane associations. Maggie’s other interests include competing on the national show jumping circuit, traveling the world, Texas hold’em, cooking, and following college and professional sports. Counselor, educator, athlete, and humanitarian, Maggie provides unexcelled direction to our Wellington learning center and school. 

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