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Lois Mailou Jones (November 3, 1905 – June 9, 1998) was an artist who painted and influenced others during the Harlem Renaissance. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts and is buried on her beloved Martha's Vineyard.

Jones began painting as a child and had shows of her work when she was in high school. After graduation from the School of the Museum of Art in Boston, she began looking for a way for her name to become known. She was hired by Charlotte Hawkins Brown and founded the art department at Palmer Memorial Institute in North Carolina. Only one year later, she was recruited to join the art department at Howard University in Washington D.C., and remained as professor of design and watercolor painting until her retirement in 1977.

In 1927, she was awarded a diploma in Design with honors and went on to do graduate studies at prestigious schools in the U.S. and France. She graduated from Howard University in 1945, graduating magna cum laude, and an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Suffolk University in Boston. She also has received honorary degrees from Colorado State Christian University, Massachusetts College of Art, and Howard University and was elected Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts in London. Her work is in museums all over the world and valued by collectors.

In 1980, she was honored by President Jimmy Carter at the White House for outstanding achievements in the arts. Her paintings grace the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Museum of American Art, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, National Portrait Gallery, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the National Palace in Haiti, and the National Museum of Afro-American Artists and many others.

Essay on African American Family Structure

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African American Family Structure

Effects of African American Family Structure on School Attitudes and Performance

In today's world, there is such a big emphasis on education and its importance. And there should be an emphasis. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same attitude about receiving a good education. This article attempts to discuss the attitudes of African American's towards education when a stable family structure is absent.

Given, not all homes are the Cleaver family, but if a person really wants an education, they should try to concentrate on just that-their education. Parents have a huge responsibility in that if they have children in a single-parent home, the parents attitude must be encouraging for the child.…show more content…

The article says that socio-economic factors may play a part in single-family homes. For example, single-mothers often have lower incomes, forcing them to move into poorer neighborhoods with inferior schools. When the mother has nothing to provide for the children, these conditions are thought to stifle ambition, lower educational aspirations and set up barriers to doing well and remaining in school. Stress is also mentioned as another possible factor; suggesting that "the trauma of parental confl!ict and divorce can have lasting, adverse psychological consequences for children that reduce their ability to succeed."

A study was done comparing family structure between whites and blacks to determine how important of a role family structure plays in education. Not to my surprise, most of the percentages were higher among whites, but not by very much in any category. More single mothers who were black were more involved in school planning than white mothers. More black mothers told their children what was educationally expected from them; more talked with their kids daily, and checked their schoolwork.

There was a higher percentage for single black mothers for task-orientation; their children always had books, pencils, and homework complete. So family structure may have an effect on students education, but it is only a small percent.

We know that parental involvement is important for children, but I don't think a child's

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