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Paper 2 Section B is the most dreaded part of them all. Here is a quick tips on how you are going to tackle them, once and for all! :-)


1) Have flow in your answers
The examiners want to see how good you are in putting down your answers. The key is the flow. That's why you should use A LOT OF CONJUNCTIONS - such as firstly, secondly, after that, besides, subsequently, finally, and so forth...

2) Short & Relevant sentence
Remember KISS? - keep it short and simple. Don't burden the examiner with long and repetitive sentence. Their job is to find points in your answer in order to reward you with marks. Help them out by writing down shortandrelevant sentence.

  • Short means not more than 10 words per sentence. 
  • Relevant means the sentence should answer the question by delivering at least one keyword with proper description if required (keywords are the terms with bold typeface which you can find in the textbooks)

3) 1 Mark = 1 Sentence

The examiner will find your point through sentence by sentence. So, ONE sentence is all you need to obtain one full mark. So, a 10-marks question means that you have to write at least 10 sentences. You can write more than that if you want to, providing you have the spare time to do so :-)


Remember PDF in Series 10? It is basically the same thing. Let's revise the technique:

  • P(Point) - similar with keywords  
  • D(Description) - describe the keywords
  • F(Full sentence) - short yet concise sentence


Let us analyze the answers:

  • This is a 4-marks questions, which means you should have 4 sentences
  • Can you see the blue circles? Those are the conjunctions :-)
  • Can you see the red circles? Those are the keywords :-)
  • Can you see the red lines? Those are the descriptions for the keywords.


In Paper 2 Section B, all you need to do when answering the question is to...

  • Write one short sentence to get one mark...
  • Make sure you have at least 1 (more is better) keyword in your sentence. 
  • Make sure the keywords are described (if needed).
  • Connect the sentences with conjunctions.

Full mark is rewarded if you follow this rule. Wish you the best in your study endeavour! 


Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone,

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Tr. Rez 🙂

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