World War 1 Map Assignment Rubric

1) Students are to log in to Google Maps with a Google login.

2) Students are provided with a list of important battles of World War II. Example lists:

European Theater: Dunkirk Evacuation, Saar Offensive, Battle of Sedan, London Blitz, Operation Overlord: Normandy, Battle of Brest, Ardennes Counteroffensive, Gleiwitz incident, Stalingrad, Leningrad, Battle of Berlin
Pacific Theater: Pearl Harbor, Midway, Coral Sea, Bataan, Guadalcanal, Leyte Gulf, Luzon, Iwo Jima, Hiroshima, Naanking, Shanghai, Malacca Strait

The list of battles may vary for your class. The most important factor for inclusion is a specific locale for the battle. For example, Operation Barbarosa would not work for this lesson, as it was a several thousand mile front, where Stalingrad is a specific place. Another factor for consideration is the relevance of the battle/event. There are hundreds of island battles to choose from in the Pacific Theater, but battles that portray a major confrontation or a turning point (e.g. Leyte Gulf or Midway) are preferred.

3) Students will log in to Google Maps. They will click the buttons for "My Places" and choose to create a map with Classic MyMaps. The link is under the red "Create Map" button. (See attached image CreateWithClassic.png)

4) Students will find the location of the battle on the Custom Google Map, and using the blue pinpoint tool in the upper left hand corner of the map screen (See attached image BluePinpoint.png) place a map point on the location of the battle. Wikipedia, while not an adequate source for most purposes, contains coordinate locations of most battles if you wish to allow them to use it as a source.

5) In the Map Point Description for each pinpoint, students should include the name of the battle as the Title for the pinpoint. Using the Rich Text Editor, students will then include a picture, using the Add Picture button, from the battle, a description of the battle, and its relevance to the narrative of the theater of War. Images and information should be cited with a clickable Web link using the Link button. (See attached image DescriptionFrame.png)

6) Students should click the Link button at the top of the sidebar next to the Map. The checkbox marked "Short URL" should be checked. Students should copy and paste the shortened URL (it should resemble and submit this URL to the teacher for grading.

Ideas for variation:

The scope of the project may be moved to other wars or cultural movements.

Students may be asked to make their own list of important points to map and relevance of the selected points incorporated into assessment.

History 2P » Unit 1: World War I

Unit 1: World War I

1. The Great WWI Drama: How It Began - class activity
2. Europe 1914 - map
3. Definitions - matching activity
4. The Spark - note
5. The Kaiser - read article and reflection questions
6. Causes of World War I - review note
7. Important People in World War I - cut and paste activity
8. The Schlieffen Plan - note and map
9. Europe 1914 - map QUIZ (Friday, September 12)
10. Reactions of Recruitment - anticipation guide, textbook activity
11. Why Canadians Enlisted - read personal stories and reflection questions
12. The Conscription Crisis - graphing activity

13. Conscription - textbook worksheet
14. Trench Slang - matching activity
15. Life in the Trenches - scrapbook worksheet
16. Weapons Auction - class auction, follow-up "report card" worksheet
17. Learning Stations - 5 station activities with worksheet

18. Life in the Trenches - sensory worksheet (completed using the slide show and reading materials), extension option assignment, review Venn diagram comparison
19. Canadian Land Battles Stations (2nd Battle of Ypres, Battle of the Somme, Battle of Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele) - 4 station activities with worksheet

20. Air Warfare - introductory slide show, textbook worksheet, newspaper article reading and questions
21. War at Sea - introductory slide show, numeracy comprehension worksheet
22. War at Home - conscription and women slide show, war at home textbook worksheet
23. End of the War - horrors of war scrapbook worksheet, foldable booklet
24. World War 1 Summative - assignment and rubric (2 computer lab days)
25. Review - worksheet (10 marks), dice game, crosswords

Unit Test (WWI): Tuesday, October 7, 2014

See below for worksheet, note, and assignment files.

    bmp file: This is a "bitmap" image file that can be opened in most image editors or viewers.
    pdf file: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher) to view this file. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for PC or Macintosh.
    png file: This is an image file that can be opened in any web browser, image editor or viewer.

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