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1 MCHE 2990: Engineered Systems in SocietyCourse DescriptionEngineering challenges of the 21stcentury are increasingly complex and situated within larger socio-cultural, ecological, and economic systems. The ability to understand, analyze, and navigate these inherently social contexts of modern engineering work is crucial in preparing students for the workplace of the future. Building on the foundations of engineering design established in MCHE 1940 (Mechanical Engineering Design Studio and Professional Practice), this course introduces students to socio-technical complexity and explores ways to conceptually understand, systematically analyze, and holistically engage in engineering settings that are characterized by social, cultural, economic, and ecological factors. The course integrates contemporary readings, team projects, and experiential learning elements to facilitate the development of students’ conceptual and practical understandings of socio-technical systems. A series of empathic communication modules provides students with opportunities to put these understandings into practice and develop the skills necessary to engage stakeholders from a wide range of perspectives. Across all of these activities, particular attention is given to students’ professional formation as critically reflective and socially engaged contemporary engineers. Instructors: Dr. Nicola Sochacka ([email protected]), Dr. Joachim Walther ([email protected]), Dr. Timothy Whitmoyer ([email protected]), Dr. Stephen Secules ([email protected]), & Dr. Rodney Averett ([email protected]). Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to: Use systems thinking concepts and tools to frame problems within the complex socio-technical landscape of 21st century challenges. Apply a refined understanding of diverse stakeholder perspectives to complex problem settings and demonstrate advanced abilities to communicate with stakeholders from different backgrounds. Demonstrate and transfer to practice an appreciation of the impact of engineering work on today’s society and the ethical responsibility of engineers. Classroom LocationTues/Thurs Secules/Walther: 2.00-3.15pm (Driftmier auditorium) Sochacka: 3.30-4.45pm (Driftmier auditorium) Whitmoyer: 3.30-4.45pm (304 Dance Building) Required SuppliesThe following Course Packet is required and available for purchase at Bel-Jean Copy/Print Center (For directions see:

What’s New – SPP produces infomercial for ‘Magic Copper’ with tennis legend Boris Becker.

SPP recently completed production a both a short and long-form DRTV commercial for the Magic Copper/Elite Copper brand of sportswear compression products. SPP provided full creative services from script development through post production for this production.

This is a long-form infomercial, timing in at 14:15. The creative approach was to feature tennis legend Boris Becker and NFL network personality Barry LeBrock on a set court side. The locations used in this shoot was the Delray Beach Tennis Center, home to many tennis championships, an upscale mansion in Fort Lauderdale as well as mountain bike trails, parks, medical offices and more.

Tennis Legend Boris Becker and Director/Cameraman Steve Procko lining up shots for Magic Copper/Elite Copper. Note the GoPro Hero 4 mounted to the racquet and stage in the foreground on the court.

When working with sports personalities, each has their own specific needs and requirements. For the most part, they all have a limited amount of time that they can be available for production. It is critical that the production company be very organized in the approach of each shoot day in order to maximize the amount of shots accomplished.

For this shoot, Mr. Becker was available for two days of production – one for the tennis stadium location and on for lifestyle shots, representing him in his home. In addition, many scenes were shot in both English and German for use during the production european roll-out.

Additionally, Director/Cameraman Steve Procko used five different cameras configured for a number of different situations from high-end Sony broadcast cameras to GoPros rigged on a tennis racquet. The GoPro provided some iconic shots within the infomercial of Mr. Becker hitting on the Delray Beach Tennis Center’s championship courts

Tennis Legend Boris Becker hitting with racquet equipped with a GoPro Hero 4

Elite Copper products combine copper and magnetic therapy into compression sportswear garments for the wrist, elbow, back knee and ankle.

The commercials were being run world wide, with initial runs in Europe and the United States.







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